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Water Pump Pliers

Detailed teeth processed by precision manufacturing guarantees for firm gripping on various shapes of work object such as bolt head, nut & pipes. Now, three different models are available for your right choice.
-Made in Japan
-Heavy Duty & Longest Tool Life (Model WPD)
Latest Tongue & Groove design and highest grade of Japanese alloy steel made a most heavy duty of this kind and allows you to use with extra pressure on handle.
-Smaller step of adjustment (Model WPS)
Model WPS is designed for a large variety of work object by smaller steps of adjustment to make a firm grip. It is equipped with nine(9) steps of adjustment compared with five(5) steps on the other models.
Item No. Size
mm (inch)
Jaw opening
mm (inch)
No. of
Adjustment Weight
WPP-250 253(10”) 48(1 7/8”) 5 Pin 0.34
WPD-250 258(10”) 45(1 3/4”) 5 Tongue & Groove 0.35
WPD-300 315(12”) 65(2 9/16”) 7 Tongue & Groove 0.54
WPS-250 253(10”) 48(1 7/8”) 9 Pin 0.30
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