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Rod Cutters

  • Specially designed for clean cut of reinforcing rods of concrete. Blades and bolts are made from alloy tool steel and carefully heat treated for long durability.
    Note: RC-0113 has two cutting notches for small and large diameter materials, whereas RC-0116 has one notch.
Parts breakdown
Model No. Size
Max Capacity(Dia.)
For 590N/mm
Spare Blade
RC-0113 1,050 (42") 13 ( 1 /2") 10 CBE0213
RC-0116 1,250 (50") 16 ( 5 / 8") 15 SCBE16

*For maximum service life and cutting/bending accuracy, MCC recommends that the base board be attached to the bottom of the rebar cutter/benders.

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