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Ratchet Action Threaded Rod Cutters

  • Designed to cut mild steel threaded rod.
  • Unique die design protects threaded rod from damage while cutting.
  • No cleaning and deburring work necessary after cut. Just screw the nut on cut end.
  • 2X Lifetime by Double sided Die Design. Easy to replace dies.
  • Threaded rod cutter with ratchet motion, excellent for in-place rod cutting.
  • Spring loaded pin protects user from injury by securing cut piece to tool.
Parts breakdown
Model No. Cutting Capacity Length Weight Replacement
Dies No.
Double Sided
For Unified National Coarse (UNC) Thread
RAB-3U 3/8" UNC 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABE3U YES
For British Whitworth (W) Thread
RAB-3W W3/8" 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABE0103 YES
For Metric Thread
RAB-M8 M8 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABEM8 YES
RAB-M10 M10 568 (23") 2.3kg (6 lbs) ABEM10 YES
Dies No. Cutting Capacity Double Sided Dies Cutter No.
ABE3U 3/8" UNC yes
ABE4U 1/2"UNC yes
ABW02S W5/16" no
ABE0103 W3/8" yes
ABE0104 W1/2" yes
ABEM08S M8 no
ABEM08 M8 yes
ABEM10S M10 no
ABEM10 M10 yes
ABEM12S M12 no
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