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Extra Wide Adjustable Wrench

It’s nothing but just wide for extra capacity and more job.
Item No. Jaw opening Safety operation torque (Hex size) Unit Weight
MWW-92 16 – 92 mm 400 Nm (80mm)
300 Nm (60mm)
0.7 kg

Four BIG Features

Many Application
“Big” is always better than “small”. You can use it not only larger size of thread fitting, but drain trap that is normally used in the kitchen or bathroom floor drain.
Extra Wide Opening Jaw
In order to cover any common size of thread fitting in daily plumbing work, this new product was given the extra wide opening jaw to open up 92mm, which you don’t normally find in the store.
Extension handle as standard accessory
It comes with the product when you purchase. The Extension handle provides a higher leverage without any additional effort. When it comes to larger size of fitting, this handle definitely do the job for you.
Well-designed handle for high strength and lightness
Forging steel handle with a high quality of special raw material made it strong enough to stand up to daily plumbing work, yet light for easy operation and handling.
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